Friday, November 4, 2011

Dreamers on the Rise

We grabbed the first T we could find and made our way over to Cambridge.  We wanted to have breakfast over at Harvard Square and found a little greasy spoon tucked next to a used book store.  Charly and I located a table and sat down.  I looked around and saw male students, smoking cigarettes and looking smug, explaining Kafka to girls in high school pretending to go to Harvard.  By eleven o’clock they’d have them in the sack.  One of the guys nodded at me as I sat down, figuring I was one of the fraternity.  I wasn’t about to go all Jerry Falwell on these guys for a minute.  I was a far sight older than them and Charly was just a hair older than the girls.  The waitress came up to us.
     “How ah ya?” she asked, bored, taking the pencil out from behind her ear.  She looked me up and down and then did the same to Charly.  She zeroed back to me and stared.  I felt like I still had Charly’s panties around my neck for crying out loud.  Cut me some slack here Flo.

. . .from the forthcoming novel. . .Dreamers on the Rise

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