Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life is never easy for those who dream

“Life is never easy for those who dream.”

 Robert James Waller

The girl in the picture had just hugged one of this guy's buddies--who is safely out of camera range now, emotions tumbling, wondering what had just happened with the spontaneous hug from this girl. . .now THIS guy, whether he was looking on still in shocked wonder about the hug or looking at the girl and wondering, "when is it my turn?," . . .wait. . .because whatever he is thinking, before he finishes the thought, she then turned to him and he got his hug, too. . .and all departed. . .

Today, these moments in life are lost far too soon. . .there is only a small window for that first hug, that first kiss, that first awkwardness, the aloneness in bed that night after it's all happened and dreaming of what is to come. . .and not knowing at that time, it will never, ever be quite that innocent again. . .only in hindsight will this whole cast realize this is the stuff dreams are made of. . .and they will all remember it differently. . .

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