Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Permanent Declarations of a Temporary Love

“We’re about to get a little visit.”  Amber opened up the letter and scanned it.
“And we are to be so blessed by whom?”  I was guessing overseas models. Ones named Gisele or Frankie. 
“Rin.”  This didn’t sound exotic.  No.  This sounded like one third of a dog.
“Rin?  Let me guess.  A Japanese model?”
“No, nothing like that.  This is a relative of a friend of Kim’s.  Apparently a grandchild of one of the comfort women they located.  It’s pretty complicated.  Actually, Daddy, this is pretty serious stuff.”  I didn’t need serious in my life.
“I see.  And let me guess.  Knowing Sara, we’re rescuing her.   This . . . Rin.  Is that it?”
            “Something like that.”  Sara was a rescuer and Amber a saver.  I was a savorer.  Something possibly further down on the scale of humanity, more in the shallow end of the pool.
“She rescues more people than Mrs. Martin does dogs down at the animal shelter.  We wouldn’t happen to have just any plain normal roommates? Not plain looking ones mind you, just uneventful ones.”
“Well, if you think Shamara is hot and you drool after Astrid, perhaps I should lock you up before you get a load of Rin.”  She handed me a picture from the envelope.
I looked at the picture.  The Japanese girl was breathtaking.  I turned the picture over.  On the back Sara wrote the following:

Amber: This is Rin.
Ben: Hands off!
I turned the picture over again and then looked at Amber.  She mockingly wiped the drool off my chin.
. . .from the novel-in-progress. . .Permanent Declarations of a Temporary Love


oldben said...

Now this looks promising...

Floyd Garrett said...

Why, thank you, my friend. .