Friday, November 4, 2011

Permanent Declarations of a Temporary Love

I felt like a damn chauffeur standing at the gate holding up a sign that said RIN.  All I needed was a cap and a white shirt.  I looked around at several other people around me.  They were all waiting for loved ones.  There were no other signs. 
Soon, people were filing off the plane.  There was an endless stream of humanity, all coming from Los Angeles, entering Cleveland from vacations or visits from relatives.  At the end of the line I waited.  No Rin.  I waited another five minutes.  Finally, I saw walking down the tunnel the only Japanese girl who had disembarked.  I was the only one left at the gate.  I held up the sign.  The girl came right up to me.  Now I felt like a fool.  She took the sign from my hands and tossed it aside.   

. . .from the novel in progress. . .Permanent Declarations of a Temporary Love

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