Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stronger than the dark, the light

Stronger than the dark, the light 

Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;
 Death is strong, but Life is stronger;
 Stronger than the dark, the light;
 Stronger than the wrong, the right...
 ~Phillips Brooks, "An Easter Carol"

I was out early on Easter Sunday in April of 2009. . .colder than hell out there around six in the morning. . .

No matter any kind of spiritual beliefs, I wanted this picture to represent some kind of "power beyond us." Something mighty, something of wonder, something frightening, something inspiring, something that makes us want to explore. . .I rarely saturate like this, but this was just the atmosphere I wanted to create for this picture. . .

The picture was taken at Penitentiary Glen, part of the Lake Metroparks system in Kirtland, Ohio

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