Friday, November 4, 2011

Permanent Declarations of a Temporary Love

As we pulled into the driveway of the main house, I noticed two cars I didn’t recognize.  I popped the trunk and took out Rin’s carry-on and her suitcase.  I toddled up to the door with them.  The door opened and I eyed Amber as I tumbled in, awkwardly hoisting the suitcases into the house.  I set them down in the foyer and looked up. 
                                                                       # # # # #
“I told you I impinguinated him,” Amber said.  She kept telling me she had been telling Sara she was fattening me up so other women would stay away from me.  And it had worked wonderfully!  Sara looked me up and down and then came over to me.  She hugged me for a long time.  Eventually the clapping by all the roommates broke us up.  I looked over and saw Slick Vanderwall stride over toward me. 
“Slick,” I said.
“How are you, Ben?”
“Better now.”  I looked at Sara and her eyes were glistening.  She still hadn’t said a word.
“Numbers,” Sara said.
“The numbers.”  Confused as ever, I stared at her.  Sara looked at Amber with frustration.  Amber came over to Sara and whispered into her ear.  Sara nodded.  She took my hand.
“We’ll be back,” Sara announced to the others.  She led me down into the basement, down through the hallway and punched the numbers into my security keypad.  Sara walked over to the steps pulling off her shirt.  I was right behind her.  She unsnapped her bra and tossed it back into my face.  We entered the kitchen, she reached into the fridge and grabbed two beers.  She took off her jeans and put them on the kitchen table.  She headed up the stairs, hopping on one foot and then the other as she eased her panties down.  She stood at the top of the stairs in white socks.  I was fully dressed.  I climbed up the stairs and stood in front of her.
“Uh,” I said.
“Brilliance spews forth.”  She tugged at my belt and cut to the heart.

 . . .from the novel in progress. .. Permanent Declarations of a Temporary Love

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