Saturday, October 8, 2011


In Outliers Malcolm Gladwell posits it takes ten thousand hours of practice to become the best at anything.  Ten Thousand Hours!

I did the math.  Divide 10,000 hours by 24-hours.  If you want to be the best at something--you have to devote 416.66666666666666 DAYS to become good at a craft.

That being said. . .so you have what it takes to be a good writer.  .  .a good machinist. . .a good piano player. . .a good car salesman. . .a good banjo player. . .a good chef. . .?

More math?  If you only put in one hour a day at something you say you love. . something you are passionate  about. . .in twenty-seven years you may become the best at what you're trying to accomplish. . .

Do your own math.  Twenty-seven years?  Thirteen years?  Seven years?  Day after day after day after day. . .  .just how bad do you want something?  Just how committed are you to being the best at what you tell people you love  to do?  Do you really want to own your craft?  Be a craftsman. . .person. . .

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