Wednesday, October 12, 2011



I've been a fan of Julianna's writing for ten years now. . .

You can thank me in advance for getting you on the Pure train.  .  .like all of her writing, it is sure to be exceptional. . .I believe the current drop date is February 8, 2012. . .she has never missed the mark with her writing and I think this is going to be huge!  Get on it!

Her blog is an absolute must. . .

only Julianna could write the following:

Listen, I'm 41. I've been bemoaning the fact that I'm looking more like Marty Feldman (see photo to the left) every single day, complaining about a general loss of attractiveness. The bloom is off the rose. But one of the kids found an old photo album from about twelve years back. Turns out, I'd overestimated how much general attractiveness I once possessed. 

compared to:

I don't have a Master's Degree. . .but, I do have a PhD in Common Sense. . .

Her regular website is here:

And if diehard Red Sox fan Ben Blake needs any more convincing, there is this:

Please. . .all authors need our support in these trying times of publishing. . .get behind one of the good ones!  And I'd say that even if she did look like Marty Feldman.  .  .walk this way. . .

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