Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Anyone Can Learn to do a Handstand"

In 18 Minutes--Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done by Peter Bregman, Bregman says this in his chapter entitled Anyone Can Learn to Do a Handstand--"Most of our jobs hinge on repetition.  That's how we become good at anything.  The problem is that we give up too soon because anything we do repetitively becomes boring."

Simultaneously this morning, I ran across this video:

I've always loved this song. . .and I love documentaries like this. .. breaking down how one breathtaking piece of music is made.  Repetition. . .you have to do things over and over again to create a masterpiece.

I love the Beach Boys Pet Sounds box set because it shows how Brian Wilson put everybody through the paces, painstakingly, over and over again. . .repetition.

This 10cc documentary above goes through how they achieved the incredible vocals.  I'd love to see this band reunite.  I got the chance to see them live--and they were sensational.  If you've never explored their music. . .hey, you've got Spotify, you've got Pandora. . .you've got no excuses.

The next time you're attempting to learn how to do something new or hone whatever craft is your passion. . .repetition. . .repetition. . .repetition. . .

As a writer. . .there are first drafts. . .sometimes there are 20th drafts. . .sometimes you grow so attached to a project you can't give it up.  Rejection after rejection after rejection. . .geeezzzzz. . .sort of like. . .repetition. . .repetition. . .repetition. . .

I'm Not in Love by 10cc. . .give it a listen. . .repetitively, of course. . .

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