Monday, October 17, 2011

Dreamers on the Rise

“You’re late and you’re smiling.”  David looked at the register receipts on the counter, scanning the figures from business we did last night.  “Sara was smiling when she came in too.” 
     “What was Sara doing here?”
     “She dropped Amber off. Remember?  She’s working this morning?”
     “Where’s she at?”  I looked around the store and didn’t see her anywhere.
     “She’s in the back, making you coffee.  Imagine.  She called me a stupid caboon this morning.  Clues?”
     “Slave.”  I wiped some dust off the counter with my finger.  “Imagine.”  I smiled at David and went to hunt down Amber.  I pushed aside the portiere to the back room and found her spooning coffee into a filter.

from the forthcoming novel. . .Dreamers on the Rise

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