Thursday, October 6, 2011

So, sometimes life throws you a curve. . .In the book I've talked about before, 18 Minutes. . .by Peter Bregman. . .he spends a chapter on Where Do You Want To Land?. . .the gist of the chapter is this:  in life, we have events, we have a reaction to those events, and we end up with an outcome.  So, inevitably what we do is this--event--blow-up, overreact, react foolishly and without thought, and then we end up with the debris of the reaction--which often is not where we wanted to land at all.

The above picture is of Tre--our grandson--the son of my wife's eldest daughter (I'll refrain from saying anything here). . .bottom line--we're taking him.  He's twelve.  Bregman goes on to say the flow should be like this:  Event. . .Outcome. . .reaction.  In doing this, you focus totally on the best outcome possible--in this case, giving a kid a chance to live a normal life--to date, it has been far from normal. . .so, the focus was stability for a twelve-year-old good kid. . . synchronize that with the fact I am, how should I put this, between income opportunities, and you have a hoped-for great outcome to a situation.  Once I put Tre's situation in first place--the reactions came pretty naturally.  Now it's just the nuts and bolts of enrolling him in a different school and telling him he may have to clean up after Bella the Beast.

So. . .we call schools, figure out schedules, don't walk around, as Elliot Garfield (the Richard Dreyfuss character in The Goodbye Girl) said "El Buffo," and figure out how to pack lunches, and all other matters we haven't had to deal with in well over ten years. . .

To quote Kurt. . ."So it goes.". . .

And now.  .  .stuff to do. . .so, I leave with this right now.  . .

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