Wednesday, October 5, 2011

John Stewart--It Ain't the Gold

Long ago and far away. . .long before there were such things as blogs. . .long before there was an internet. . .there was an idea for a newsletter--quaint, now. . .Ben Blake and I wanted to publish a music and book review newsletter (and Ben, I swear, when I become more organized, I'll take a picture of the banner you just sent me not too long ago--it's here somewhere). . .blogs and newsletters have grown (maybe we have, maybe we haven't).  This will be an attempt to recreate in spirit what we were after.

For Ben's sake, this blog has no affiliation with him whatsoever.  He is still gainfully employed and has a reputation to keep.  I'm looking for a new career (read employment--drinking wine with Anna--my wonderful neighbor next door--while my blushing bride goes to work every day--has netted me zero dollars--$0.00)--so this will be educational, fun, and hopefully bring a smile to someone's face and PG, but with my humor, verging on PG-13 at times.  No NSFW stuff here.  Did I mention I was looking for a employment?  Anyone?

Along the way there will be bits and pieces of one of my "novels in the drawer," Dreamers on the Rise and two other books I'm working on.  Works-in-progress with works-in-progress titles.  One fiction: Permanent Declarations of a Temporary Love.  One non-fiction: Someone Has to Sell the Wine:  One Man's Search for Meaningful Employment, Mastering a G-Chord on the Banjo, and Discovering Zen Moments

Speaking of a work-in-progress--this blog will also be one--right out of the gates I admit to having absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  Please be patient.


Anonymous said...

So you are now officially one of America's unwashed and unemployed?I will keep my eyes and ears open Meanwhile, I suppose that gives us less reason and more time to get together!

Floyd Garrett said...

Certainly unwashed. . .and not unemployed. . .but, "retired." Actively pursuing new interests where compensation may be involved. I'm available for almost any pursuit including, but not limited to--Assisted Living (other than assisting the whims of that woman I live with), any kind of photography assignments (except boudoir--may be frowned upon by the woman I live with), Writing (except erotica which would most likely be frowned upon by the woman I live with), Blogging (do people actually make money doing this?), Writing book reviews, Executive Search, Retail Management (excluding "Adult Shops"), Wine Dealer, Wine Drinker, and Library Security Analyst. I'm still working on a further list which may include Food Critic, writing for Modern Family, and scout for the Cleveland Indians. In other words--I'm open.

And even though you're anonymous--naturally, I'd love to get together! My schedule is. . .wait, let me check. . .OPEN!